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Principal’s Message


2021 marked 15 years of our existence and we pride ourselves in the great strides we made.
Including the achievements we had through the Principal participating in the NTA(National Teaching Awards) leading to him winning awards.

As things stand Kloof View Primary has been placed on the map as the best school in the country together with Mr. P. S. Mpahlele being the best principal in the country, under the category -Excellence in the Primary School Leadership this is the best achievement for 2021.

All these achievements are continuous from all sectors of our school community, parents, learners, staff {teaching and reading) SMT and SGB. We pride ourselves on all the accolades and gains from the lessons.
As we move beyond these achievements,a lot is at stake to better the above stated by raising the stake high above nothing what we’ll be doing going forward.

  • Streghening reading in all grades
  • Allocating more money in leaner activities
  • Introducing coding and robotics
  • Reskilling and retraining of personnel
  • Managing and monitoring our infrastructure

All these can be achieved if we partner with all Stakeholders, e. g. SQLTC + SGB and parents because “Ngwana Ye Sejo was tlhakanelwa”, the hope that 2022 will bring fortunes and lessen Covid-19 cases in order to allow academic plans to continue without disturbance.


We appreciate all educators who left us through and for various reasons.

  • Ms. J. Van Der Merwe
  • Ms. C. Joubert
  • Ms. L Covws
  • Ms. J Oberholzer
  • Mr. Mokholoane
  • Mr. Mhlaba
  • Ms. Stayn
  • Ms. JJ Van Aardt

And welcoming the following.

  • Ms. Van Loon
  • Mr. R. Andriaas
  • Mr. R. Bester
  • Ms. M. Lottering
  • Ms. M. Marleyn
Acknowledging that this will be the last year of our long serving Deputy, Ms M Fowlds who will be going on pension. We want to wish her all the best as she served our school in particular and the department in general in distinction it deserves.
Let this year be graced and God bless us all.